1) How can you give away so many vacations?

Our partner has contracted with leading hotel chains and resorts to help them fill their empty rooms, and they also upgrade customers to additional services like: meal packages, tours, excursions, and transfers. We help fill the empty rooms which the hotels and resorts turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. So, when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with marketing companies like us, they might miss out on the room fee, but the room would have been empty otherwise, at least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, casinos, an extra day stay, future bookings, etc. The magic of why our program works so well is the fact that its a win-win for everyone involved. You win because you gain more business from using our incentives. Your customers win because they received an awesome gift from you. The hotels, resorts and cruise lines win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future.

2) Is there a timeshare presentation?

Great question. No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are real, top quality Resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached. In addition, we will offer them additional incentives and upgrades that your client can choose to accept or decline. These additional incentives will save your customer from $500 to $1500 that will include a discovery tour of the property to introduce them to the benefits of resort membership or ownership. Your Client, however, will NEVER be required to upgrade.

3)Are there any hidden fees?

Your clients will be responsible for taxes and fees of approximately $20 per night.

4) When does the trip expire?

Yes, our digital certificates created will be assigned an expiration date 7 days out from the date you sent it. The printed certificates will be assigned an expiration date 30 days after creation. Please note that the expiration date shown on the digital certificates only pertains to the actual activation of the certificate. After your customers activate a vacation certificate, they will have at least 18 months to travel. To activate the guest simply needs to pay the daily taxes and fees that correspond to the certificate. They can activate by phone or online.

5) Why does IncentiveBiz put a 7-Day Expiration on the certificates?

The business model works best when the customer activates right away otherwise most will forget they even received it. During this 7 day period, we will send them up to 3 emails to remind them to activate. Our redemption rate is the highest in the industry because the 7-day expiration date provides a sense of urgency to activate and use it. Another important reason is that the 7-day expiration date is there to protect our business and your business in the event our contracts change with the participating properties and travel companies, we can easily update or change our offers. This way we do not expose ourselves or your company to discontinued certificates in circulation that may be redeemed at any time in the future. Plus, if it expires before they redeem it you can send them a new vacation!

6) Is airfare included?

Airfare is not included.

7) Do my customers get to choose their destination regardless of which certificate they get?

Yes, your customers do get to choose the destinations that they wish to travel to. Even if they activated an Orlando vacation but later want to upgrade to Mexico or switch to Vegas or other US destination they can do so. They may need to pay the difference in taxes and fees if applicable.

8) What Resorts do you use?

These are the resorts we are currently offering.

  • Las Vegas, NV (3 nights)Westgate LV Resort & Casino

    Standard Room

  • Orlando, FL (3 nights)Westgate Lakes

    Studio unit

  • Gatlinburg, TN (3 nights)Wild Bear Inn or River Terrace

    Standard Double Queen guest room or Standard King guestroom

  • Williamsburg, VA (3 nights)Westgate Williamsburg Hotel

    Colonial King Guestroom or Colonial double Queen Guestroom

  • Branson, MO (3 nights)Westgate Branson Woods

    Traditional Queen or King guestroom.

  • Daytona Beach, FL (3 nights)Bahama House Daytona

    Ocean View room

  • Myrtle Beach, SC (3 nights)Westgate Myrtle Beach

    Double Amusement Park View Guestroom

  • Cancun, Mexico (5 nights)Riviera Maya

    1 bedroom Master Suite

  • Puerta Vallarta, Mexico (5 nights)Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

    1 bedroom Master Suite

  • Puerto Penasco (5 nights)Vidanta Puerto Penasco

    1 bedroom Master Suite

  • Mazatlan (5 nights)Vidanta Mazatlan

    1 bedroom Master

  • Tenerife, Spain (3 nights)The Beverly Hills Club

    studio or Junior Suite, No resort fees

  • Koh Samui, ThailandReplay Pool Villa beachfront Koh Samui Thailand

    1 bedroom private pool villa, No resort fees

  • Phuket ThailandTwo Villas Holiday Oxygen Bangtao Beach, Thailand

    1 bedroom private pool villa, No resort fees

  • BaliRisata Bali Resort and Spa

    superior room type, No resort fees


    Activation taxes for the US resorts are $19.45 per night

    Activation taxes for Mexico resorts are $19.70 per night

    Activation taxes for Tenerife Spain are €15.90 EUROS per night

    Activations taxes for Thailand’s Replay Pool Resort are $14.85 per night (€17.85 per night)

    Activations taxes for Thailand’s Two Villa Resort are $20.83 per night (€24.70)

    Resort fees for properties we use for FREE hotel stay certificates run from:

    Las Vegas at the hotels we use run from $16.00 to $38.00 per night

    Orlando Fl resort fees run from $5.00 to $12.00 per night depending on hotel and season.

    Gatlinburg / Branson / Williamsburg run from zero to $12.00 depending on hotel and season.

    Mexico hotels we use are from $10.00 to $16.00 per night

    Thailand – No resort fees

    Spain – No resort fees

    9) Do my customers get to choose their hotel?

    We promote specific properties with each certificate destination. For Example currently, we are offering Westgate Resorts in both Orlando and Las Vegas. However, If the property we promote is not availed we may give the user other choices they can pick from. Keep in mind that these are promotional offers that we provide your customers with significant savings on their travel so it’s not going to work the same way as going to and paying full rack rate where you get to choose the hotel. With us, the properties that we work with and that participate in these promotional offers release the unoccupied inventory to us just 30 days ahead of time.

    10) Are there any blackout dates?

    The only black-out dates are major holidays and special events.

    11) Is it all inclusive?

    No the resorts we offer for the certificate will not be all-inclusive. The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.

    We will, however, offer the certificate holder opportunities to upgrade to a different resort with an All-Inclusive plan starting at only $199 and $299 per couple for the entire stay. This upgrade option will save the user nearly $1500 in value compared to anywhere else. The user will be asked to attend a resort discovery tour of the property where they will introduce them to the benefits of resort membership or ownership and their frequent visitor plans. This takes a quick 90 minutes and will provide your client with an additional $1000 in savings.

    12)What fees do they have to pay and how do they redeem?

    Your customer may activate a certificate over the phone or online by paying the resorts taxes and fees of $19.45 for our US resort options and $19.70 per night for our Mexico resort options. Once they activate within 7 days of receiving the digital certificate your customer will have 18 months to choose travel dates. To date, we have redeemed tens of thousands of digital certificates and have a fantastic reputation that we are proud of!

    13) Are there any other fees/costs for my customer?

    The recipient of this certificate will receive 4 days 3 nights luxury hotel accommodation room rate free of charge, which retail is valued at up to $195 per night in the US and up to $300 per night in Mexico, however recipient is responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, resort fees if applicable, and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses. Resort fees are commonplace in the travel industry. As a matter of fact, over 96% of tourists traveling to Orlando or Las Vegas now have to pay a resort fee when they check in at the resort. This is so common now that it’s just expected for any seasoned traveler. When you award someone a free vacation through Incentivebiz, you are giving them a vacation that is valued at up to $585 for Orlando or Las Vegas and up to $1,500 in Mexico, depending on the time of year they travel. That’s an incredible value! To offset the resort fees paid directly to the resort that we cannot control we are also going to include a free credit of $150 to be used towards an additional trip anytime in the future. This will be an extra bonus that all of your clients who redeem a complimentary vacation through us will receive after completing travel using the certificate.

    Resort fees for properties we use for FREE hotel stay certificates run from:

    Las Vegas at the hotels we use run from $16.00 to $38.00 per night

    Orlando at the hotels we use run from $5.00 to $12.00 per night depending on hotel and season.

    Gatlinburg / Branson / Williamsburg run from zero to $12.00 depending on hotel and season.

    Daytona Beach runs from $15 to $20 per night based on the season.

    Myrtle Beach SC runs from $5 to $15 depending on the season.

    Mexico hotels we use are from $10.00 to $14.00 per night based on the season.

    Thailand properties do not have a resort fee.

    Spain properties do not have a resort fee.

    Resort fees cover items like WiFi Internet Access, Local Calls, Resort Amenities, Fitness Centers, In-room Safes, Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, Beach/pool towels, activities and more.

    14) Since my customers have to pay a fee, how do I explain it to them?

    This is a great question. At we teach all of our customers NOT to necessarily use the word “Free” when promoting our incentives. Instead, we promote the use of words and phrases such as “Included with Purchase,” or “Complimentary Vacation Certificate,” or “Selected To Receive.” This way you are still getting the same response rates as if you did use the word “Free” and do not necessarily need to disclose the terms. Many of our members, however, do find ways to disclose these terms to their customers.

    15) Are children allowed?

    The short answer is YES. The US resorts options will include up to 4 people in the room regardless of age except for our resort in Branson Mo. the studio included is for up to 2 adults. . For Mexico offers they can travel with 2 adults and up to 2 children up to the ages of 12 or under. If traveling with extra adults or children upgrades may be available to accommodate depending on availability. Upgrades require the purchase of additional rooms or larger suites which may not always be available. Prices for additional children etc. depend on room availability and seasonality so prices cannot be quoted until travel dates are selected. These promotional certificates are designed for couples or small families. More than 4 persons will be harder to accommodate with these promotions and in some cases not possible.

    16) Can my customer cancel the activation and get their money back?

    This certificate activation is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE unless your customer purchased Trip Guard. If Trip Guard insurance was purchased, your customer may cancel anytime up to and until they have confirmed travel dates. If Trip Guard was declined, your customer will have a store credit to use their vacation dollars toward any hotel or resort of their choice with our partner.

    Once dates are confirmed with the certificate no changes will be allowed. Cancellations after dates are confirmed will result in forfeiture of the activation fees. (The inventory used for these rooms are not as flexible as booking at retail rack rates, once confirmed changes will not be allowed and cancellations or no-shows will result in forfeiture of fees paid)

    17) Will you sell or use my customers information?

    No. We do not do any other marketing to your certificate recipient. We respect our business partners and have no intention of spamming your clients with email. We will send up to 3 email reminders during the first 7 days prior to the certificate expiration to remind them to activate. If they do activate then they have become a customer of ours as well and we may need to have further communication with this customer concerning the reservation, or reminding them to book dates etc.

    18) Are the trips transferable?

    Yes, the trips are transferable.

    19) Can my customers book before the required 30-Day Advance Notice on the Certificates?

    These do not work for last minute bookings. Customer must book with a minimum of 30 days advance notice prior to prefered or selected check-in dates. So as long as the guest is booking more than 30 days out we can fulfill based on the availability of course. The properties that we work with release their unoccupied inventory to us daily with 30 days out, so there is no way around this. Remember, we are filling otherwise empty rooms for the participating properties and this is the time frame that they use to project what their occupancy will be. Based on what their projection is will determine how many allotments they can provide to us for these promotions. The one exception is when and if available if the guest agrees to an upgrade that requires a resort preview we may be able to get them in with less than 30 days advance notice.

    20) How many trips can I give away each month?

    As a member of IncentiveBiz, you can give away an unlimited number of digital certificates each month.

    21) Can I give more than one vacation to the same person?

    No, you can only give 1 vacation to the same person.

    22) Is there a contract for your digital subscription?

    No, there are no commitments. You can cancel at any time.

    23) Can I use this for customers outside the US?

    We’re glad you asked. Here’s how it works. Currently, our US and Mexico incentives can only be used by US and Canadian citizens.

    Our Tenerife Spain certificates are only available to citizens of Europe (including the UK). And our certificates for Thailand vacations are available to citizens or residents of any country, except for citizens of Asian countries.

    In other words, the Thailand vacation certificates can’t be redeemed by people they would consider “locals”. To use certificates in Thailand, the establishments are looking for tourists from what they consider “foreign countries” outside of Asia.

    24) Can I personalize the certificates to feature my business name, website address, and my logo?

    Yes, you can! Each certificate has a “Compliments Of” area. You have the option to fill this area in with your business name, or website.

    25) Can I resell your vacations or certificates?

    No. You may not. Reselling or bartering the certificates will cause us to void the certificate. This will violate our terms, conditions, and agreements you accept before using our certificates. The agreements we maintain with our hotel and resort companies prevent us from competing against or jeopardizing their published rack rate. If you were able to sell these certificates, there would be no way to prevent a member from selling our certificates directly to the end user, thereby creating competition and lowering our partner properties’ published rates. So they cannot be sold or bartered for services in any way.

    26) Can the certificates be used for my staff or team members?

    It is a great idea for members to use them as incentives for employees to meet their goals, but “keep in mind that they are not meant for group travel. Our certificates are solely to be used for promotional use only and are not designed for group travel. You would not be able to put together a group vacation package using our certificates for your employees/staff or network marketing downline organization. You would not be able to continue to give away these vacations to the same team members as the limitations are only 1 per user per country.

    27) Why do my customers have to be a certain age and have certain credit cards?

    With these promotional offer the resorts are hoping the customers will make up for the loss in room revenue with spending on property at the restaurants, spa, casino etc. For this reason and others they are requiring that at least 1 person in the party be over the age of 21 for the US resort promotions and 1 person over must be over the age of 30 for the Mexico offers and have a passport to travel, they must also have a valid major credit card to check into the Mexico resorts. For our US resort offers they must also have a Major credit or a bank debit card with Visa or mastercard logo plus valid government issued id to check in. (in other words they must not be cash customers with no recourse for damage to rooms etc.) Certificate users must also reside at least 100 miles away from the participating resort. So for example a resident of Orlando cannot use the Orlando stay but instead could use the Vegas hotel stay.

    28) Can I use the trips myself?

    This is a tool to generate new leads referrals or sales to grow your business and ours. Not for personal use to each destination. We encourage all members to try us out and sample one of the destinations and use ONE certificate to see how the program works.

    29) How do I cancel?

    To cancel, please send an email to [email protected]