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What’s The Catch…?

There Is NO Catch. You Can Join IncentiveBiz Today For Only $49 Per Month. There Are No Other Hidden Fees.

What Is The Free Trial?

We Guarantee That You’ll LOVE IncentiveBiz, And If For Some Reason You Decide Within 7 Days That You Don’t Want To Be A Member Anymore, Then We’ll Happily Cancel Your Account Without Any Penalties Or Fees. We Don’t Believe In Long Term Contracts, So You Can Cancel Your Membership Anytime.

Do my customers have to take a timeshare presentation in order to take advantage of your vacation certificates?

Great Question. No, Your Customers Will Never Be Required To Attend Any Sales Or Timeshare Presentation. These Are Real, Top Quality Resorts With No Hidden Fees Or Strings Attached. We Are Simply Filling Otherwise Empty Rooms Which The Hotels And Resorts Turn Into Additional Revenue From These Consumers Spending Money On The Property, Such As Room Service, Spa, In-House Restaurants, Bar Purchases, Casino And Extra Day Stay, Etc. In Addition, We Will Offer Them Additional Incentives And Upgrades That Your Client Can Choose To Accept Or Decline. These Additional Incentives Will Save Your Customer From $500 To $1500 That Will Include A Discovery Tour Of The Property To Introduce Them To The Benefits Of Resort Membership Or Ownership. Your Client, However, Will NEVER Be Required To Upgrade.

How are you able to offer these incentives?

Our Partner Has Traveled Over 1 Million Families To Date And Has Contracts With The World’s Leading Hotel Chains, And Resorts To Help Them Fill Their Otherwise Empty Rooms. We Help Fill Empty Rooms Which The Hotels, Resorts Turn Into Additional Revenue From Other Areas Of Their Property And Future Bookings. Hotels Rarely Experience Full Occupancy, Yet They Remain Open, Providing Rooms And Services At Fixed Costs. So When Hotels Give Out Their Rooms By Partnering With IncentiveBiz, They Might Miss Out On The Room Fee, But They Already Didn’t Have That In The First Place, At Least Now They Have The Opportunity To Gain A Customer For Their In-House Restaurants, Room Service, Their Casinos, An Extra Day Stay, Future Bookings, Etc. The Benefit Of Why Our Program Works So Well Is The Fact That It’s A Win-Win For Everyone Involved. You Win Because You Gain More Business From Using Our Incentives. Your Customers Win Because They Received An Awesome Incentive Gift From You. The Resorts Win Because They Gain Additional Revenue From Other Areas Of Their Establishment That They Otherwise Would Not Have Been Able To Get And They Also Have A New Client That May Book With Them In The Future.

How many vacations can I give away with my membership?

As A Member Of IncentiveBiz, You Can Give Away An Unlimited Number Of Digital Or Printed Certificates Every Month! Your Customers Can Only Use One In The US And One Internationally.

Do the certificates have an expiration date?

Yes, Our Digital Certificates Created Will Be Assigned An Expiration Date 7 Days Out From The Date You Sent It. Please Note That The Expiration Date Shown On The Digital Certificates Only Pertains To The Actual Activation Of The Certificate. After Your Customers Activate A Vacation Certificate, They Will Have At Least 18 Months To Travel. To Activate The Guest Simply Needs To Pay The Daily Taxes And Fees That Correspond To The Certificate. They Can Activate By Phone Or Online.

Do my customers have to set their reservations and travel by the expiration date printed on the certificate?

No. The Expiration Date Pertains To Activation Of The Vacation Certificate Only. Once Your Customer Activates By Paying The Taxes And Fees Of A Vacation Certificate They Will Then Have At Least 18 Months To Travel. Example For Our US Resorts The Activation Fee Is $19.45 Per Night And Our Mexico Offers Is $19.70 Per Night.

Can I offer these certificates to anyone from any country?

We’re Glad You Asked. Here’s How It Works. Currently, Our US And Mexico Incentives Can Only Be Used By US And Canadian Citizens.

Our Tenerife Spain Certificates Are Only Available To Citizens Of Europe (Including The UK). And Our Certificates For Thailand Vacations Are Available To Citizens Or Residents Of Any Country, Except For Citizens Of Asian Countries.

In Other Words, The Thailand Vacation Certificates Can’t Be Redeemed By People They Would Consider “Locals”. To Use Certificates In Thailand, The Establishments Are Looking For Tourists From What They Consider “Foreign Countries” Outside Of Asia.